Thursday, August 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Golden Android Flip Phone with Dual Screen Specs and Features

Samsung's Galaxy Golden brings Android to the familiar flip-phone form factor. After a week Samsung introduced their quad-core Samsung Hennessy flip phone for China, now the electronics giant has announced a second dual-screen Android smartphone experience in the Samsung Galaxy Golden.

Samsung Galaxy GOLDEN Android phone is having a 3.7 inches dual screen of AMOLED Display which has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Each display is on either side of the top part of the phone. 
Galaxy GOLDEN  is powered with 1.7GHz of Processor, this device also comes with an 8MP camera at the back along with the 1.9MP as the front facing camera. Along with LTE Support, this phone also comes with the jellybean 4.2 Android OS by default and 1820mAh of battery power. It is expected that the internal memory of this device will be around 16GB along with a 1GB of RAM and expandable memory card slot of up to 32GB.
 South Korean carriers will sell the phone for 790,000 won ($700), though it is unlikely to reach U.S. or U.K. stores any time soon.


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