Thursday, August 1, 2013

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One of Motorola's standout features in the Moto X camera is "Quick Capture," which gets you from sleep to shooting in a mere 2 seconds, all with a simple flick of the wrist.  

Black and white Moto X models will be available on Rogers starting in August for $189.99 on a two-year contract. Canadians looking over all of this Moto X goodness today will only have one spot they can get it initially Rogers.

Verizon has announced today on its official Twitter account that it will carry both black and white versions of the Moto X, along with "Moto Maker" customizable models later this year.

There's disappointment tonight for buyers in the UK hoping to pick up Motorola's much-hyped Moto X handset.

With Moto X, Google Enters a Crowded Marketplace The search giant, which has stumbled in its forays into the hardware market, says its high-end Moto X smartphone has innovative voice ...

BBC News‎: Google-owned Motorola has unveiled a phone that is "always listening" for the owner's voice commands. Saying "OK Google now..." will prompt the Moto X's Touchless Control system to listen for instructions. The device is the first to have been designed from scratch since Google's $12.5bn (£7.9bn) takeover of Motorola last year. The CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, spoke to the BBC's Samira Hussain about the unique features of the Moto X and its chances of standing out in an already highly competitive market. 

Motorola's Moto X phone can be customized with different colors  

Thousands of Android devices have been made by consumer electronics manufacturers. Maybe you know the Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Verizon Droid, but the rest of them can easily blend together.
But, after a year in the works, Motorola is hoping that the Moto X will be the Android phone you know and want. On the back of the colorful phones reads "Designed and Assembled in the USA;" the phone is the first device built from scratch since Google acquired the company and is being built in the U.S. so it can quickly ship to American buyers.

Hello Moto X | TechCrunch

After Google acquired Motorola Mobility last year, we wondered what was next for the smartphone company.

Motorola's Moto X to Be Announced Today: What We Know About ...

Motorola's much-hyped Moto X smartphone is being announced.

Moto X - Motorola Mobility LLC. USA

With more than 2000 possibilities to choose from, you can design a phone that's uniquely yours from the front to the back, to the accents, the wallpaper, the ...

Moto X: Motorola introduces its first smartphone made after the ...

With a smart camera and touchless controls, does Motorola's X mark the spot?

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