Friday, September 21, 2012

BSNL Kerala Mobile and Land Phone Latest Offer

 Recently BSNL Kerala introduces a new variety of offer to its customers.

3G Mithram plan
Initial cost Rs.112 for new 3G Mithram prepaid mobile plan .Existing customers can also migrate to 3G Mithram Plan by sending SMS PV49 to 53733.

Special Tariff voucher with 400 minute talk time
BSNL Kerala introduced Special Tariff voucher with 400 minute talk time to any network (Local and STD ) with 30 days Validity for Just Rs.135 .This Voucher is applicable to Prepaid 2G and 3G Mobile plans plans.

Roaming free 2G and 3G plans
BSNL Kerala introduced Prepaid roaming free General 2G and 3G Pay per second plans.MRP of the plan will be SIM cost + Rs.152 .To BSNL network call rate will be 1.2ps/sec and to other networks 1.5ps/sec .
Plan vouchers
Plan vouchers can be used to extend validity of your SIM .Plan vouchers can also be used for plan migration and enrol into a new tariff plan .Top-up voucher will not have validity from April 2012.Topup voucher will provide only talk-value to the customer. 

3G Prepaid mobile Plan: 3G Diwali
Attractions are Lifetime validity,Video call to BSNL @70ps/min and to other networks @Rs1/min , voice call local and std to any network @1.2ps/second,Friends & Family to five numbers(BSNL 20ps/min and to other networks in Kerala @40ps/min),100 free sms every month,night calling (11pm to 6am) @ 20ps/min to BSNL and 40ps/min to other networks in Kerala.Initial offers:free talk value Rs.24,free sms 200,100Mb data,100 minute video call.

Prepaid mobile Plan New Maveli
Attractions are 10ps/minute to any 5 BSNL numbers in Kerala.1ps/sec to BSNL network and 1.2ps/sec to other networks anywhere in India.In friends and family, Instead of 5 BSNL Kerala numbers ,you can give 1 BSNL number and rest as you like of any provider .The call rate to other providers in this case will be 30ps/min.

180 Days validity plan for 2G and 3G 
BSNL Kerala Introduced 6Month(180days) Validity 3G and 2G Data plans .In 3G Two packages are introduced : 12GB for Rs.2502 and 30GB for Rs.5002 .In 2G ,15GB plan for Rs.555.

MITHRAM 2G PLAN with 10ps/minute
BSNL Kerala Introduced Mithram ,a new prepaid mobile plan with second billing.Reduced call rate to 5 numbers possible.Out of this 5 numbers one number should be BSNL and the rest four can be any network within Kerala.Reduced call rate to BSNL is 10ps/minute and to other networks is 30ps/minute.Calls to other numbers is charged based on per second billing.Other offers include 2000 free SMS for first 6 months.

Enable Special Tariff plans by sending SMS
Now you can enable BSNL Special tariff plans by sending SMS .For example to enable 2GB/Month GPRS Package,send GPRS 89 to 53733.

BSNL Broadband Plan charges Slashed upto 75% .Unlimited plans for Home customers start from Rs.499.Unlimited plans for Buisiness users start from Rs.850/-.

BSNL Started Number Portability services on 20th January 2011.BSNL is giving Special Tariff Offers for PORT IN customers .Offers include port IN charge free of cost,unlimited free calls to your BSNL lanphone number (BSNL Pyari jodi offer ).

Land phone call rates slashed .Call duration or pulse rate from BSNL fixed Landphone and fixed WLL phones to any fixed Lanphones in India increased to 3Minutes .This offer from BSNL is applicable to calls originating from BSNL to any networks in India.

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